The History of Whisnant Surfboards

Mike Whisnant started building surfboards at the age of 15 with a friend of his Winnie Strickland in Neptune Beach. They were building about one board a month when they first started. Then ended up building up to 40 per week with a full crew.

After that he worked with Atlantis surfboards. He has also worked with and on Savage, Rozo, Escape, Nev, HIC, Blue Hawaii, Byrne, Line Drive, and R. Wood surfboards.

In 1989 Mike started Whisnant surfboards in Jacksonville Beach. His intentions in the begining were to build something that he wanted, not what other shapers wanted to give him. That is still the way he does things, building what people want even if he dosen’t necessarily agree. His mission is to make what the customer wants and make it work.

Mike was invited to the Florida Shape-Off at the 2011 Surf Expo, The Challenge to to copy one of Joe Shriver’s (WRV) last boards, a step deck shortboard. Out of all of the East Coast shaping Talent Mike Won replicating the board close to perfect in 45 min. Earning him the 2011 Florida Shape-Off Championship and Bragging Rights.

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